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Table of Contents

Introduction: All About Pies 5
  What Makes a Pie a Pie? 5
My Pie Philosophy 6
  The Four Basic Steps 6
Step One: What kind of pie do you want to make? 8
  Baked Pies 8
  Non-Baked Pies 8
  Frozen Pies 8
  Savory Pies 8
Step One Decision Tree 9
Step Two: Choose your filling. 11
  Savory Fillings: 11
  Sweet Fillings: 11
Savory Fillings: Main Course 12
  Breakfast Sausage Pie 13
  Spinach Quiche 14
  Chicken Pesto Alfredo Pie 15
  Easy Beef Pie 16
Savory Fillings: Side Dish 19
  Sweet Corn Pie 20
  Onion Cheese Tart 21
Sweet Fillings: Baked 23
  Upside Down Dark Berry Pie 24
  Almond Cherry Pie 25
  Egg-y Custard Pie 26
  Simple Coconut Custard Pie 27
  Non-Dairy Pumpkin Custard Pie 28
  Sweet Potato Pie 29
  Super Pecan Pie 30
  Chocolate Coconut Pie 31
  Banana Pecan Pie 32
  Pumpkin Apple Pie 34
  Ricotta and Fig Pie 35
  Pumpkin Pear Tart 36
  Coconut Pecan Pie 37
Sweet Fillings: Refrigerated 38
  Chocolate Almond Cheese Pie 39
  Deep Dish Banana Cream Pie 40
  Strawberry Daiquiri Pie 41
Sweet Fillings: Frozen 42
  Quick & Easy Frozen Coconut Cream Pie 43
  Snow & Gravel Ice Cream Pie 44
Sweet Fillings: No Crust Options 46
  Chocolate Amaretto Swirl Cheese Pie 47
  Crustless Coconut Pie 48
Step Three: Choose your crust. 50
  A Few Tips for Pastry Dough Making 50
  A Bit of Advice 51
  Oil Pastry 52
  Crumb Crust 53
  Oatmeal Nut Pie Crust 54
  Hazelnut Pie Crust 55
Step Four: Choose your topping and garnish 56
  Rum Sour Cream Topping 57
  White Chocolate Whipped Topping 58
  Almond Glaze 59
  Gingersnap Streusel 60
  Pecan Topping 61
Recipe Index 62


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